Always on the safe side

Today, data must not only be protected against hacker attacks. The personal rights of customers and patients must also be protected. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was created in Germany for this purpose. The general principles of the GDPR include the processing of personal data. As part of the actual processing of this data, the controller must not only provide for suitable technical and organizational measures, but must also be able to implement and demonstrate them. Finally, the GDPR also requires the controller to implement a series of internal measures, including, for example, a directory, documentation and a data protection officer. The right to be forgotten and interoperability must also be implemented.

A data protection management system is required to correctly fulfill all requirements, obligations and specifications. As the person responsible, you must then plan, implement, document, check and, if necessary, improve measures, taking into account the context and the risk. We support you in this task and can assist you with our expertise in clarifying highly complex data protection and technical issues. In this way, we guide corresponding projects to their goal with legal certainty.

Only with the correct implementation of the GDPR can you as the controller be sure that you reliably fulfill all requirements, specifications, rights and obligations specified by the legislator.

Taking a strategic approach to data protection and information security

The requirements that the GDPR places on compliance and data protection have increased significantly and require competent support. It is important to understand that this is a continuous process – not a project. New directives and laws are constantly being issued and new court rulings handed down. Companies must constantly stay up to date in order to comply with the law. A challenging task for which we are happy to provide you with our expertise so that you can act on the safe side.

Everything from a single source

Legal certainty

We implement the specifications regarding technical and organizational measures in accordance with the legal requirements and thus offer you a data protection-compliant hosting platform.


The accountability obligation extends to all requirements that the basic regulation places on the controller. This includes the general principles of the GDPR as well as specific requirements for the life cycle of the processing of personal data in the company.

Penetration tests

Penetration tests are useful to rule out possible risks with regard to your solution. The aim is to use methods normally used by hackers to identify vulnerabilities that can compromise the system and affect the availability of services or leak confidential information.

Your advantages at a glance


Compliance with the requirements of the GDPR is mandatory when processing personal data.

Information security

Protection for all relevant information (both physical and digital data) against unauthorized access, use, modification, loss or disruption.

Protective wall

We use reliable methods to identify and eliminate weak points.

Knowing what matters

We protect your sensitive data with our comprehensive services. You can rely on our experts to provide you with competent advice on all questions and concerns relating to data protection, including in the context of social data protection. We are very familiar with this complex topic and are highly motivated to follow current trends such as the use of AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud technologies. We focus on the topics of cyber security and data protection to minimize the risk of a hacker attack. We also ensure that only authorized persons you trust have access to the highly sensitive data of your customers or patients.