So that your digitalization is on a sound footing.

Our health authorities are among the most important pillars of the German healthcare system. They are responsible for protecting the health of the population. But it is ailing. It is not only since the corona pandemic that glaring weaknesses have become clearly visible. There was a lack of modern, process-supporting software, personnel, communication and transparency. As a result, valuable time was often lost. Conclusion: Health authorities must quickly become better and, above all, more digital.

An initial measure to achieve this goal is the modernization of the digital infrastructure. Other measures also include hiring qualified employees, strengthening crisis management and increasing the attractiveness of the public health service (ÖGD) and thus creating social acceptance.

It is imperative to upgrade public healthcare services in the digital sector and provide them with a future-proof infrastructure. What’s more. All employees must be involved in the transition to digitalization. They must develop a willingness to take advantage of appropriate training and further education opportunities in order to understand newly installed systems and use them correctly.

One of the central tasks in our development of specialist applications is ensuring data protection. This is because a large proportion of the data collected and processed in public administration and the healthcare sector is highly sensitive. Under no circumstances may they be made accessible to unauthorized third parties or fall victim to a cyber attack. They therefore require maximum protection and must be regularly adapted to the state of the art. In addition, the integration of new technologies into existing workflows and processes is often very complex. At the same time, public administrations and public health services must continue to develop in order to keep pace with the changing requirements and expectations of citizens.

We are the professionals for modernization and digitalization. Successful digitalization of public administration and public healthcare requires a holistic strategy that takes security, modernization, training and social integration into account in equal measure.

Our solution: Specialist applications for health authorities

As part of the “Pact for the Public Health Service” launched by the Federal Ministry of Health, the Public Health Service is to be strengthened in its entire range of tasks and at all administrative levels in order to be prepared for health crises, damage or dangerous situations in the future. This pact also includes digitalization measures to enable more efficient data collection, analysis and communication. This includes, for example, the introduction of digital reporting and information systems and the promotion of telemedicine.

With the knowledge of the challenges facing the ÖGD, our experts have developed an intelligent web-based software solution. It has a modular structure, is workflow-based and has interfaces to email, calendar and other software systems. Users operate them intuitively, making it easier to carry out many tasks. This is an important aspect, as it means that the specialist application is accepted by most employees.

Everything from a single source

Health protection
  • Infection protection
  • Vaccinate
  • Facility hygiene monitoring
  • Drinking water hygiene
  • Bathing pool water (swimming pools) and EU bathing water
  • Medical supervision
  • Death certificates
Health planning and promotion, prevention
Child and youth health
  • School entry examination / school enrollment examination
  • Dental health
Special groups of people
  • Aids, STI counseling
  • Appraisal system
    • Civil service appraisal
    • Official medical assessment
    Core platform & shared services
    • Calendar functionalities
    • Task management
    • Offline functionalities
    • DMS integration
    • Role and rights management
    • TI connection

    Your advantages at a glance


    Increased efficiency in work processes through intuitive and workflow-based software solutions and the provision of high-quality IT services.

    Data availability

    Fast access to data despite growing data volumes. Evaluation and reporting options based on centralized data management


    Optimized exchange between the health department, institutions and citizens

    Knowing what matters

    Our software developers know the public health service very well. Together with them, we analyze workflows and processes, identify media discontinuities and support requirements and then create a software concept. The result: a specialist application that offers modern and intuitive process support. This proves once again that we are one of the leading companies in software development. Another important contribution to advancing the digitalization of the ÖGD.
    You too can benefit from our expertise.