We have a 360-degree view of your IT security

Safety is simply everything. Sensitive data or business secrets must be protected to the maximum. Companies, authorities and local authorities are constantly exposed to threats and attacks. There is something else: many people no longer work exclusively in external offices, but from home. This poses a new security risk, as it is often very difficult to secure the various end devices. Malware and phishing attacks as well as ransomware or CEO fraud are almost part of everyday life today. Our team of experts knows all these attack scenarios and vulnerabilities and protects you from cyber threats, hacker attacks and false alarms with customized solutions.

With our SOC, we can coordinate and simplify security tools and procedures as well as security incidents. As a result, preventive measures can be implemented in a targeted manner so that a threat situation only arises very rarely. At the same time, the data protection regulations of the legislator can be better complied with. However, should an incident occur, we can react extremely quickly and avert damage. Above all, this avoids high costs.

Our solutions are based on artificial intelligence, which gets better and better over time because it learns automatically and recognizes threats faster and faster.

Everything from a single source

Protection and prevention

These play a crucial role: it is more effective to reduce the attack surface and strengthen prevention methods than to simply rely on a reaction. These measures allow the SOC team to focus its resources on detecting unknown threats that move unnoticed and stopping them before they can cause damage.

Threat Hunting

The effectiveness of the search depends on comprehensive historical activity data and real-time activity data. By using the right data in conjunction with precise security analyses, SOC Threat Hunters can identify threats quickly and accurately.

Recording and detection of indicators

Modern SOCs extract extensive data from the network, normalize it and enhance it with security knowledge. Using big data analytics and machine learning, the data is analysed to identify indicators of suspicious activity and prioritize them accordingly.

Validation and investigation of incidents

The analysts use correlation rules and analyses to quickly check whether an attack is taking place. This makes it possible to precisely determine the type of threat, the extent of its infiltration into the organization and the specific tools and techniques used by the threat actor.

Reaction, recovery and learning from experience

The SOC team can respond to incidents by isolating devices, aborting running processes or deleting malicious files. It also works closely with the IT department to shut down or restore systems. The incident is then analyzed in detail in order to understand the causes and the sequence of events. These findings are used to identify measures that will help to prevent future incidents.

Your advantages at a glance

Reduction of the lead time for the introduction of the SOC
Access to world-class security solutions without the hassle and cost of buying, deploying and maintaining them
No training in special tools (SIEM ...) required
Reduced burden on the internal security team, freeing up time and resources for strategic security initiatives and core business functions
Use of scalable and flexible security services that are tailored to specific needs and budgets
Keep a permanent eye on all risks and threats with 24/7 monitoring
Overview of what is happening in the network, whether data center or cloud
Detect targeted attacks and malware in real time
Automated preliminary check: focus on relevant security incidents
Rapid damage assessment and forensics in the event of an incident
Protection of all business processes
Minimization of liability risks vis-à-vis business partners

Knowing what matters

Our goal is to ensure that your IT is secure. No matter where your people work and which end devices they use. Data security and data protection have top priority. As experienced experts, we are always on the lookout and keep a close eye on what is happening in the field of security. As soon as there are increasing indications that criminals are using new techniques or planning new approaches, we develop a strategy for effective defense against cyberattacks. What can we do for you? We look forward to your inquiry.