IoT platform - medical technology

For our customer W&H Austria GmbH, which specializes in intelligent electronics and security technology, we developed a platform based on ThingWorx technology – a technology that was developed specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT). It contains a comprehensive set of integrated, IoT-specific development tools and available resources and offers the broadest functionality options on the market.

The platform’s task is to monitor and control all medical devices connected to it. It also provides service and maintenance for these devices. Through continuous monitoring, it supports the manufacturer in rectifying inadequacies and faults in the devices.

Three devices are currently connected to the platform: a dental drill, a drill cleaner and a sterilizer. All appliances are continuously monitored by service staff. A technical service team is available to solve problems or rectify damage.
Other devices are gradually being connected to the platform, which can later be used in hospitals for patient monitoring (breathing, heartbeat), for example. In the future, the platform’s area of application will be expanded and extended to include devices from other industrial sectors.

Technologies: ThingWorx, JavaScript, and XML