Whistleblower portal of the HBSN Group

With the whistleblower portal, HBSN GmbH offers all employees and external parties the opportunity to report possible violations of legal provisions and internal guidelines.

Which violations can be reported?

All violations of applicable law are relevant; violations of internal regulations of HBSN GmbH can also be reported.

Which whistleblowers are protected?

Any person is entitled to report information in good faith and falls under the scope of protection of these Rules of Procedure. A whistleblower is deemed to have acted in good faith if, at the time of reporting, he or she had reasonable grounds to believe that the information on breaches reported by him or her was true.

To what extent is confidentiality and identity protection guaranteed?

If desired, the persons providing the information can remain anonymous. Whistleblowers can also request that their identity be protected and that information that could reveal their identity not be passed on. But even if a whistleblower does not wish to remain anonymous, the confidentiality of their identity is protected. Section 9 of the Whistleblower Protection Act provides for several exceptions to the confidentiality requirement. For example, the confidentiality of the identity is not protected if the whistleblower intentionally or grossly negligently reports incorrect information about violations. For example, a request by a law enforcement authority in criminal proceedings or a court decision may also result in HBSN GmbH having to disclose the identity of a whistleblower to a competent authority.

Who do the tips go to?

All information is processed exclusively by a small group of employees. These employees are specially trained and bound to confidentiality.

Protection from discrimination and reprisals

Discrimination and reprisals against whistleblowers are prohibited; this also applies to the threat and attempt of discrimination and reprisals.

You can report information under the following link:

To the whistleblower portal