System for scheduling appointments, correspondence and digital transmission of reports

Medicproof is a subsidiary of one of our main customers in the private health insurance sector. It provides an assessment of insurance claims for persons insured under one of the private insurance companies. Medicproof guarantees that all assessments are carried out in accordance with the law and regulations and are carried out to the same standards in all cases.

Many systems are used by employees and assessment experts to streamline their work. One of the core applications is ProofCenter, the system that supported our team in development and maintenance.

All medical expert assessments are managed in this application. ProofCenter is used directly or indirectly by all other systems in the Medicproof ecosystem. The application consists of backend and frontend (ProofCenter Client).

Technologies: Intellij IDEA; SQL Management Studio, JBoss / Java, EJB, Spring, JAVA EE, Hibernate, REST, Git