The healthcare system is becoming increasingly digital

The requirements for IT solutions and services are becoming increasingly demanding in order to digitally shape the modern healthcare industry. We support you in the successful development and implementation of customized software. A software solution can only be as good as the requirements that were defined for its development. HBSN GmbH provides you with constructive support from specialists and carries out reliable testing. In addition to our experience in managing development projects – agile or waterfall – we are very familiar with the special requirements of the healthcare sector.

A software solution is only ever as good as the requirements that were defined for its development. Nobody knows that better than we do. That’s why our requirements management includes business analysis and requirements engineering.

Our strength is your strength

Our user-oriented solutions are based on an innovative and intuitive user interface. The design must be convincing in terms of functionality, graphics and technology and meet the highest standards. That’s why we always put together our expert teams from requirements managers, architects, graphic designers and business analysts. If necessary, we can add further specialists to the team. Because we are convinced that a team works most effectively when each individual masters their skills and knows how to use them in the right place for the project. We can also help you transition from outdated and ineffective IT delivery systems and IT architectures to a cloud-based infrastructure that enables you to implement new technologies into your software strategy.

Everything from a single source

Software solutions

Support in the design of software solutions and in the preparation of offers and tenders.

Software development

Support the first two phases of the software development lifecycle with requirements and specifications, including UI/UX and architectures.


Additional activities on the client's side or for the client: Product owner, CTO or architecture as a separate service as well as consulting functions such as technical due diligence, market analysis and technology adaptations.

User Journeys

Visualization of user interaction processes. Our goal is to study users, understand their behavior and design a user journey that enables users to complete their desired tasks with minimal effort.


Wireframes represent the progression during a user interaction with a website or application, including user interface elements such as buttons or images.


Analysis and evaluation of the current IT architecture as a basis for decision-making.


Preliminary demo of the overall design of the final solution, which allows customers or users to get to know the overall design of the product before the software goes into development.


Prototypes are interactive mockups, i.e. the final version of the software. The prototype can be clicked on to test the main interaction options, also before its actual development.

Analysis of the metrics

Metrics are signals that show whether our UX strategy is working. The use of metrics is key to tracking change over time. We support you in setting up and using analysis tools such as Google Analytics or Piwik.

Your advantages at a glance

Reduction of development costs
Increasing the quality of the solution by creating user journeys and incorporating customer feedback
Realistic idea of the software solution
Increase the satisfaction of your employees and customers
Support of a positive image through integration of design and logo
better placement in search engines, e.g. Google
Technology security - forward-looking software development with answers to questions such as: How long will the programming languages and frameworks currently in use still be supported? Are there new technologies and trends from which the application can benefit (e.g. clouds, microservices, new framework versions)?

Knowing what matters

When assessing the state of your current solution architecture and deciding whether a rewrite or refactoring is required, there are many aspects to consider in order to make the right decision. Let our expertise help you achieve your goals.