Expansion of the digital customer service "My Healthcare World"

HBSN supports AOK Sachsen-Anhalt in the conception, technical development and implementation as well as in the operation and service of a form center within the digital customer portal “Meine Gesundheitswelt”.

“Meine Gesundheitswelt” has been available to AOK customers since February 2020. Within the “health world”, customers have the option of using their individual “health account” to have additional services reimbursed via the AOK and to submit their receipts and invoices for any advance services digitally for billing purposes.

The web-based service application “Formularcenter” is another building block in AOK Sachsen-Anhalt’s digital customer service offering. With the “Form Center”, the AOK offers its customers a large selection of ready-made forms for applying for health insurance benefits such as care applications or for reimbursement of travel costs in treatment situations. The relevant forms are now made available to insured persons on a web-based basis via the “Meine Gesundheitswelt” customer portal.

This digital customer service removes complicated bureaucratic hurdles for policyholders and makes the application process simple, fast and customer-oriented. At the same time, AOK Sachsen-Anhalt is fulfilling its obligation to the legislator to comply with the Online Access Act (OZG) to offer administrative services to citizens digitally.

Insured persons can access the “Form Center” directly online via their individual customer account and apply for benefits for themselves or their family members. The forms are largely pre-filled with the insured person’s already known data. Integrated help functions, explanations in the form of text and sample images of necessary attachments for each application and dynamic behavior of the forms avoid contradictions when completing the forms and make it easier to apply and check that the documents are complete. An integrated upload function for necessary attachments to the application is also provided.

These help functions support not only the insured persons, but also the employees of AOK Sachsen-Anhalt in the direct processing of the forms. After being sent digitally by the applicants, the forms are automatically forwarded to the oscare® inventory system. For each form, the distribution is individually defined by the AOK and thus the forms are automatically sent to team mailboxes, to the eFile or to the oscare® APD for direct case creation, depending on their characteristics.

The requirements for the application in terms of process flow, data flows and technical implementation were developed and refined by HBSN together with AOK Sachsen-Anhalt. The individual programming and technical implementation was carried out by the xitee team. HBSN is used for operational monitoring of the system and customer support and takes over the maintenance and support of the “Form Center” web application together with xitee.

Technologies: Angular 11, RxJS, Jasmine, JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Apache httpd, Selenium, SonarQube