Accelerate the transformation with customized software

One thing in particular is crucial for digital transformation: the use of innovative and agile software that can be adapted to changes quickly and easily. Our aim is to provide you with software that reliably meets your requirements at all times. Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector, we have the expertise and necessary resources to achieve this goal. In the first step, we evaluate your business goals and priorities in order to develop a customized software solution for you in the second step. Close cooperation with you, our developers, designers and other stakeholders is essential for this. In addition to security and data protection, integration with existing systems is an absolute must. We master all these complex tasks and deliver first-class results.

We develop high-quality and well-tested software that is ready for use in the shortest possible time and functions smoothly. We design each project in such a way that all steps are traceable and transparent. From requirements analysis to delivery. For the implementation, we use different technologies for almost all platforms. We most frequently use Java or .NET for the backend and Angular or React for the development of new web solutions. We also use a wide range of process models. For example, the waterfall model is particularly suitable for small and linear projects, while the spiral model is used for iterative projects.

Competence and reliability are part of our DNA.

We create customized solutions with a high degree of flexibility. We give it our all and work with passion and expertise to meet your challenges.

Impressive quality at the highest technical level

In order to meet our high quality standards, we test every piece of software we develop in several phases and focus on code reviews. This avoids errors and prevents subsequent correction phases. Features and bugs as well as milestones and project tasks are managed via the issue tracking system (JIRA and/or Confluence). This creates traceable and transparent software development from requirements analysis through to delivery and implementation. This is what we mean by reliable performance.

Everything from a single source

New development

We develop solutions with maximum added value for you: from the analysis of business requirements to solution design (functional, graphical and technical), implementation and provision through to subsequent support.

Further development

Following our analysis and evaluation of the current IT architecture, we work with you to decide whether a rewrite or refactoring is required.

Mobile development

We create different solutions tailored to your requirements, for example native development with high performance, cost-effective cross-platform developments and progressive web apps (PWA).


On request, we can visualize a software solution even before we create it. The prototype acts as a "model" that simulates the appearance and functionality of the software to be developed.

Software tests

Software tests are one way of assessing the quality of software and minimizing risks. We offer a broad test portfolio such as automation tests including cross-browser and real-device tests, performance tests, security penetration tests and performance stress tests.


To ensure that your system is always up to date and performs reliably according to your specifications, it needs to be maintained. We offer you the appropriate application support and maintenance service to take the pressure off you.

Project management

We attach great importance to transparent communication between you and us in order to meet schedules and delivery deadlines.

Data warehousing & reporting

Reliable data reporting is essential for evaluating the ongoing performance of your company. This makes time resources visible, for example. You can achieve greater efficiency here with the use of targeted measures.

Your advantages at a glance


Based on your business objectives and priorities, we develop customized solutions that meet all your needs and specific requirements. This is the key factor for successful projects.


Customized software development enables quick and easy integration with other IT applications already in use, for example if there are differences in technologies, architectures and data formats.


Consideration of all specific security requirements such as data protection, encryption and secure coding procedures.


We design your software so that it is geared towards future growth and expansion.

Competitive edge

Our software development is agile and responsive.

User friendliness

Intuitive and easy to use software.

Knowing what matters

Benefit from our experience in the development of customized software solutions. We work exclusively with experts who have excellent knowledge of the market and use the latest technology trends. For us, this is much more than a promise. We are measured by our quality standard. Get to know us now!