In safe hands: the cloud

When you move your services and applications to the cloud, you are taking an important forward-looking step towards digital transformation. In addition to cloud consulting services, cloud infrastructure and cloud migration services and cloud application development, we also offer comprehensive DevOps services to improve the quality of your software solutions. What’s more, our teams live the HBSN DevOps culture. This is precisely why they are particularly powerful, responsive and productive. That makes all the difference.

Our cloud consulting service will first get to know your current technology landscape along with your business challenges and goals. We know that you have unique needs and are at different points in your journey to using the cloud. This is exactly where we pick you up and offer you a customized cloud consulting service that supports you in your decision-making process and helps you achieve your business goals.

This is part of our conviction: In connection with cloud applications, we see the need to build a DevOps culture. A key factor in ensuring that our reliability leads to customer satisfaction.

Store data reliably and reduce costs

Our provision of cloud services includes servers, storage, databases, networks, software, analytics and intelligence over the internet (“the cloud”) with the clear aim of enabling faster innovation, more flexible resource utilization and economies of scale. Costs are generally only incurred for the cloud services you use. This enables you to make a significant contribution to reducing operating costs, operating the infrastructure more efficiently and scaling it in line with your company’s current requirements. Another advantage of the cloud is the low upfront investment requirements. This means that it is not necessary to invest in hardware at the start of the project, as this is only done when there is a need for it.

Our services

Application support and monitoring
Provision of infrastructure, automation and standardization
Bundled workload (OpenShift/OKD/Kubernetes)
Linux-based operations and lifecycle management
On-premise or cloud-based software (Azure, AWS)

Your advantages at a glance

Reliable application hosting
Standardization & scalability
Security and compliance by design
24/7 support
Proactive monitoring and event management
Continuous improvement of the service
Cost reduction through automation and GitOps
Flexible and scalable infrastructure minimizes TCO - Total Cost of Ownership

Knowing what matters

Our cloud migration service supports you in the transition to digital business operations in the cloud. We carry it out reliably and according to your specific requirements. Every cloud migration is individual and follows a customized process. With our cloud-native development, we create and operate applications that take full advantage of the cloud computing model. We use an open source software stack for this: containerized, dynamically orchestrated and geared towards microservices. What can we do for you? We look forward to your inquiry.