Maximum customer benefit at all times

Our Service Desk or SPOC (Single Point of Contact) is your central point of contact if you need help. To this end, we provide clearly defined service level agreements (SLAs) to resolve problems quickly and report service requests.

The qualified Service Desk team supports you by providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support. The processes and procedures are precisely defined at each level so that all requests are processed efficiently. For example, 1st level support can help you if your call center is overloaded, you do not have enough capacity to process user inquiries or you do not have your own competent contact persons.

Further specialist and technical processes as well as support for customer-specific applications and systems are handled by our 2nd and 3rd level support. Our team of experienced experts classifies, manages, documents and coordinates service requests and ensures that they are processed successfully.

Our employees specialize in the healthcare sector and know the hardware and software systems. That’s why you can rely on us to resolve any IT problems that arise quickly and professionally.

We are getting better and better

We attach great importance to continuously improving our service. Our users’ experiences are very important to us, which is why we regularly survey them with feedback loops. But what also distinguishes us and sets us apart from others is our high level of reliability. Not only do we ensure our service through contractually agreed response times, but we also offer extended on-call times for emergencies.

Everything from a single source

Takeover Call Entry
Takeover of 1st level support
Takeover of 2nd level support
Takeover of 3rd level support
Competent and structured service desk
Fast response times
Single point of contact (SPOC)

Your advantages at a glance

Focus on your core business
Relief for own employees
Faster response time
Increase in user satisfaction
Increase in service quality

Knowing what is important.

The objectives of IT support are always the same: any IT problems that occur should be resolved as quickly and as sustainably as possible so that employees can continue to work or access important data again. We meet this requirement by constantly optimizing our IT support, using the best possible technologies and continuously automating numerous tasks. What can we do for you? We look forward to your inquiry.