HBSN is awarded the contract to develop a new industry software for the health authorities in Baden-Württemberg.
The HBSN was awarded the contract for the development and provision of a standardized specialist application landscape for all health authorities in Baden-Württemberg as part of a tender by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration in Baden-Württemberg. The new specialist application landscape will ensure simple, intuitive usability and the mapping of modern processes. Based on these requirements and in close cooperation with the health authorities, HBSN is developing a web-based solution with a modular structure, standardized core functionalities and various specialist modules that will be hosted centrally. HBSN is thus entering the market of specialist procedure manufacturers in the ÖGD.

We are pleased to make a contribution to the digitalization of the ÖGD and to be able to offer modern and intuitive process support with the new solution.