Complementing skills: how to reach your goal faster

Advancing digitalization and automation as well as new innovative technologies require organizations to adapt their IT ever faster. The ever-increasing number of regulatory requirements also increases complexity. Our team of experts will support you competently, flexibly and quickly with the challenges of digital transformation and turn your project into a success story!

The increasing shortage of qualified specialists poses major challenges for many organizations. The effort involved in recruiting the right personnel is high. Even if you set up projects with shorter durations, you need niche skills for this time that you cannot or do not always want to provide yourself. Our specialists are at your disposal to close these competence gaps quickly and at short notice. We compensate for your short and medium-term downtimes and capacity bottlenecks with experts who have technical, methodological and industry-specific experience.

We have specific know-how for every IT requirement in the healthcare sector. Our experts close your knowledge gaps and work in a solution-oriented manner to quickly specify challenges.

Compensate for your specialist gaps with our experts

We will find the right IT specialist with your desired profile within a few working days.

After a joint meeting to specify the requirements, you will receive highly qualified expert profiles from us within two to four working days. In addition, we have access to a network of over 90,000 freelance IT specialists and a network of partner companies specializing in sought-after IT topics. You will receive expert profiles from this network within five to seven working days. All of our specialists speak your language and meet you as equals. This guarantees rapid integration into your projects.

Everything from a single source

Closing competence gaps

We provide you with suitable HBSN experts for your projects at short notice, within 2-4 working days.


You will receive highly qualified expert profiles from our network of over 90,000 freelance IT specialists within 5-7 working days.

Your advantages at a glance

We compensate for your short and medium-term shortfalls and requirements with technically, methodically and industry-specific experienced experts.
We also fill niche skills at short notice. This is because it is not always worthwhile to train them internally and keep them on hand permanently.
Our external perspective helps you to rethink processes and make them more efficient.
Speed, agility and quality are our strengths when it comes to staffing and implementing your projects with our suitable specialists.
You benefit from a high success rate thanks to our many years of specialist, methodological and industry experience.

Knowing what matters

IT thrives on knowledge, experience and vision. And: IT is not a state, but a process. It is therefore crucial to involve qualified specialists in the projects who can keep an overview and drive the project forward. We are convinced that people, provided they are qualified and motivated, still make the decisive difference. Even though AI is on the rise, AI cannot (yet) solve everything. What can we do for you? We look forward to your inquiry.